We offer a whole range of solutions for interior and exterior lighting. We will change the way you perceive the light and your environment.
From a design to the final project, from the problem to the solution. We understand the light.


Who are we?

Our team consists of an electro-technical engineer who is an exceptional expert in electrical engineering, educated in psychology and light design and a designer who specializes in creation of lighting commercials and unique lights. We also cooperate with architects, 3D experts and other highly skilled workers. I personally guarantee for the quality of their work.


Designing with light

We design and mount interior lightning in private and public areas, interior and exterior lighting commercials, 3D graphics, and we also install classical and smart control lighting. We guarantee safe and energy efficient high performance lighting.


What can we do?

Our goal is visually appealing lighting that provides physiological and psychological comfort, but which also accentuates the primary purpose of the room, especially in offices and shops.

Each area requires a specific lighting solution. A family bakery full of nice smells and warmth, a restaurant balcony, or a night club – they all need to create different feelings to enhance the purpose of the place.

Well planned and designed lighting in a working area can motivate the personnel and improve their efficiency. It can also have a favorable effect on people and help them relax at home.

Choose an authentic lighting solution for your office. The effects of lighting, graphic solutions and lighting commercials will make you stand out from the competition and they will make you unique. The right kind and type of lighting, the right angle and the most appropriate light power will make and keep your space desirable. The light not only effects feelings, it also creates emotions.


Light design

We will give a full and systematic consideration to your problem, regardless of whether it involves an office or in a living area, a shop, a restaurant, a house, building or an open public area. There is a solution to each problem and it includes the proper design, the right choice of lights, quality materials, safe wirings and mounting.


Engineering, system design, parts

We offer classical installations, home automatics and smart home solutions. We make and mount all types of installations. We renovate installations in order to improve them and make them more efficient and more functional. We also offer automatization of machines.

We understand the business world and we do our best to meet our customers’ needs and make their dreams come true. Optimal solutions are found in agreement with our clients. Our greatest satisfaction is to employ our knowledge and experience to satisfy our clients’ needs.

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